Home Ed Art Club


Home Ed children aged 7+ 2 hours, term time only.

The price will be £90 per half term in advance, which is £15.00 per session.
(The state schools usually work for 39-40 weeks per year and we will run with their term dates so, if you calculate, you will get 3-4 free sessions per year and these will accommodate the occasional times when your child has to miss a session.)

Final bit of boringness, I am afraid I cannot allow any children to attend if they have a cold or other illness, as I am vulnerable and cannot afford to get ill myself. This is one reason it has taken so long to come back to running these sessions and I am sure you understand. Children who are at home with colds join with Zoom however, so all is not lost!

Children will have fun learning a variety of art skills and techniques from me as an art teacher and a practising artist. We will look at other artists from time to time and the children will create their own artworks in response to the new skills and ideas introduced.

Fully DBS checked.